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 New Security Features
What is the new security feature?

Land of Lincoln Credit Union is focused on protecting your personal and account information at all times from internet fraud. It is no longer sufficient to use only a User ID Signon and Password to access home banking. Therefore we have implemented additional security features to better protect your banking online.

Part of our enhanced security requires you to establish security questions, which will be used to authenticate your identity. This enhancement will take a few minutes to complete, but is for your added protection.

Has my password changed?

No. The answer you provide to the "security questions" are separate from your regular LLCU Home Banking login password.
A User ID and Password is required to log in to our services. Services are provided through a secure connection. If you have difficulty logging in please check our FAQ, click the Forgot your password link, call Land of Lincoln Credit Union at 844-222-7788 or email us at llcu@llcu.org -DO NOT send personally identifying information (i.e. Acct #, SS #, etc) in your email.
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